Soul Care during Social Distancing

Soul Care during Social Distancing

Hi friends,

My head knows social distancing is the best thing we can do right now to keep each other safe. But my heart is rebelling with every fiber! As Christians we are called to move towards, open doors, enter into hard spaces. And yet, what we keep hearing is that in this season the way we show Christ’s love is by staying home. It just feels so weird!

I’m praying about what soul-care resources I can put out into the world during this time that would be helpful to others. But until I’ve got some clarity, I want to gather what others are doing. This post will be a continually-updating resource of what is available. Bookmark it! Come back and tell me what was helpful! Share what you’re finding so others can participate too!

Stay healthy everyone – physically, mentally, and spiritually!


Summit Ave Presbyterian

My own dear church hosted a simple Sunday service using the Celtic Daily prayer. We will likely continue in a similar, simple format in the weeks to come. Like our facebook page for updates.

UPDATE: We’ve added a “Manna for the Wilderness” blog to our website to share with one another the manna God is providing for us in this season of wilderness wandering.

Eleven:28 Ministries

This amazing organization I am so thankful to work with is hosting daily meditations at 3:00 Central on Facebook. Rhesa is a thoughtful and wise spiritual leader and I know you would benefit from taking a few moments out of your day to be in God’s presence with her.

Rend Collective

This awesome worship band out of Ireland is planning a worship event on Instagram tonight (3/16) at 6:00 Central. Looks like this will be an ongoing event so follow them for updates.

Holy Yoga

A Friday class at a local church has been a wonderful Sabbath practice for me this year. I love how Holy Yoga combines the health flow of moving my body, with encouraging words and prayers that connect my soul to God. Holy Yoga is offering a 30-day free membership to their online classes. I may just have to check this out!

Daily Prayers

My seminary colleague and friend, Terra McDaniel is a spiritual director based out of Austin, Texas. She is offering daily prayers she has curated from a variety of sources on her Facebook page. Scroll down for days you might have missed.


Taking the time to read and reflect on beautiful words feeds my soul. Here are a few that have caught my notice this season:

No Distance, Steve Garnass-Holmes

Wash Your Hands, Dori Midnight

Lockdown, Brother Richard Hendrick

Outside the Christian Tradition

A facebook friend linked me to Anisa Ab who is offering free distance meditation sessions for March 2020.

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