My Pro-Life Ethic

My Pro-Life Ethic

Years ago during a meeting with my pastor I was shocked when he asked me if I was pro-life. I knew what he meant was are you anti-abortion so on that level I wasn’t really surprised. But the question really bothered me because I was a foster parent who spent much of my free time serving teen mothers, married to a man who’s recent journey with Jesus into Scripture had led him to take a pacifist stance. Wasn’t this pro-life activity in our lives revealing of a deeper pro-life ethic?


So yeah, if you are asking will I #marchforlife or protest abortion clinics or work to outlaw abortion, the answer is a firm and hearty NO. But if you are really asking am I pro-life, then YES. 100% as much as I know and can be YES. Here is what that fully pro-life ethic looks like for me:

I am pro refugee and immigrant. I am pro bridges and tables, anti walls and bans.

I am pro access to healthcare that is affordable especially for women, children, and vulnerable populations.

I am pro free and accessible birth control. I am pro teaching a healthy and holistic sexuality that doesn’t impose my Christian worldview on others. God is interested in all parts of our lives, including our sexuality, but our hearts must belong to God first.

I am  pro supporting not demonizing women who chose to give birth. I am pro supporting and not demonizing women who chose abortion.

I am pro foster care. I am pro adoption. I am pro reunification.

I am pro inmate and anti death penalty.

I am pro environment. Our earth sustains our life. We are nothing without her.

I am pro LGBTQ and anti policies that increase suicides.

I am pro peace and anti war and anti torture.

I am pro women and anti rape culture.

I am pro social services and non profits and churches that work to give dignity and hope to the homeless, mentally ill, convict, immigrant, poor, lonely. I am pro life and economic empowerment and firmly anti poverty.

I am pro Black Lives Matter and pro justice work that seeks to educate and rectify the systems that perpetuate racism.

I am pro gun sense legislation.

I am pro freedom and anti trafficking.

I know that there is still work to do in me and I am grateful to the kindness and gentleness of the Holy Spirit revealing areas that my pro life ethic isn’t fully embraced. I am far from perfect or righteous and I get angry at the hypocrisy I see in a movement labeled “pro life” but that doesn’t seem to embrace that ethic outside the womb.

So today and every day I stand for LIFE. All life.


What about you? Do you have a pro life ethic that includes more than being anti-abortion? What pro life areas did I miss? 

6 thoughts on “My Pro-Life Ethic

  1. Deanna,
    I’m just scratching my head wondering how you can have a pro-life ethic that includes, women, children, immigrant, prisoner, LGBT, and Mother Earth, yet excludes protecting the most vulnerable of all of God’s creations….the unborn child?
    Doesn’t jive with any logical bone in my body, not to mention God’s word.
    I just looked up “Christian Pacifism” on Wikipedia. The first sentence says, “Christian pacifism is the theological and ethical position that any form of violence is incompatible with the Christian faith.”
    It seems to me that the violent REALITY of an abortion pretty much flies in the face of any kind of pacifist stance.
    It has been probably over a year since I have decided to take the time to reply to a blog, a Facebook post, or anything, yet I couldn’t let this just go by without commenting.
    I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be changing your mind… have obviously spent much time in articulating your thoughts, nor are you apt to say anything that would change my thoughts on this subject. I just wanted to speak up for those unborn babies who CAN’T speak up for themselves.

    1. Stephanie,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this blog post. I really do appreciate having the opportunity to dialogue in this space and I’m grateful you took the time to write, especially as you note that you do not do so very often.

      Also, I am always grateful for Christians who use their voice on behalf of the powerless and vulnerable. Thank you for that.

      I’m sorry if this blog post gave you the impression that I was against protecting unborn children. I guess I just haven’t sorted out the details of how to go about it. I’m pretty unconvinced that legislating against abortion will do much to protect the lives of the unborn, but if you have data that shows differently I’m more than willing to take a look. And I know that protesting outside clinics only increases the shame and weight women carry.

      I am super supportive of the good work of crisis pregnancy centers and pray that more women in challenging situations will have access to quality, caring health care.

      And, of course, I serve in Teen MOPS partly to help young girls in crisis know that they do have safe, supportive communities of Christian women to turn to. We celebrate these girls for choosing life and we give them heaps of support and love.

  2. Thank you for sharing this!!! I am not for the prison system, because of it’s history in this country.

    I appreciate your over all thoughtfulness.

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