Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends!

The time has come to hit “publish” and put this little space of mine out into the vast interwebs. I’ve been waiting a while, wanting to make everything just right before I invited you in.

But I was gently reminded this week, putting everything in order first is not how I live my life, and is not really what I want this space to be. Instead I want this place to be an extension of the authenticity you’d get if we were sitting across from each other over fro-yo, trying to make sure our kids don’t make too big of a mess while we find a minute to be honest about how hard and how good this life with Jesus is. I’m not writing a thesis here, I’m hoping to start a conversation.

A conversation about:

  • following Jesus into hard places
  • embracing our gifts and callings (especially as women in the church)
  • leading well with bravery and with hope
  • motherhood and marriage
  • fun stuff I find on the internet
  • the goofy (and exhausting) stuff my kids do (and yours probably do too)
  • what love in action looks like
  • embracing the mess while opening our hearts
  • and probably a lot more…

Wanna join me?*


*I sure hope so, otherwise it’ll just be me with my giant serving of Cake batter fro-yo I’m burying my faceĀ in because no one came to my party.

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