Roundup #1

Roundup #1

This is a collection of things that have caught my eye out there in the vast internets recently. Perhaps something here will catch your eye as well…


to read:

Can We Ever Fix Christian Movies?  by Jesse Carey (via Relevant Magazine)
Am I the only one that feels Christian movies can just be so, well, blech, sometimes? Carey speculates that it could be because these films often end neatly, and really feel preachy. Not so with the parables of Jesus. Instead, these ingenious stories have us grappling with layers of ambiguity and with questions that often don’t have a tidy answer. If Christian movies became more like the parables of the New Testament, would that make them better?

to put on a wishlist:



source unknown





Red Saltwater Sandals 
Dreaming of how adorable my feet will look in these this summer. Added them to my Mother’s Day wishlist.

to listen to:

I first heard “Better With You” by Orianthi at the gym and I loved the upbeat tempo and positive message. Crank it up and dance around your house a little today.

to cook:

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Quinoi by Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen








I have been struggling with my slow cooker lately and feeling like it always dries out my dinners. But this dish, OMG. Soooo good. Moist and delicious with incredible flavors. Like the author, I pretty much at the leftovers for lunch three days in a row. Easy, healthy, and delicious = my kind of dinner (and lunch apparently).


Your turn: What caught your eye this week on the web? Share a link in the comments.

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