Third Sunday of Advent – JOY

Third Sunday of Advent – JOY


REVIEW: Previous week’s candles. Advent symbols. Why we celebrate advent.

LIGHT THE HOPE and LOVE CANDLES, along with a PINK CANDLE AND ASK: What are you most excited about for Christmas? (This week’s candle is pink because we are over half-way through advent, there is great celebration to be had…Jesus is coming!)

SAY: That feeling of excitement is kind of like the feeling of happiness, kind of like joy. But joy and happiness are a little different. Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes because it depends on your circumstances: if someone is being nice, if you are doing something you like, if you got something cool. But joy is a feeling that is deeper, it is a feeling that comes from God. It is that always-there-never-goes-away happiness of knowing that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe. As I read today, I want you to listen for someone who might have felt joy.

READ or WATCH: The Light of the Whole World” in The Jesus Storybook Bible

ASK: Who did you hear about in this story who had joy? (Angels and Shepherds) What did they have to be joyful about?

ACTIVITY: There is great joy in giving someone a really cool gift that you think they’re going to love. Spend time together wrapping gifts and praying for people who will receive them. OR, go through the Christmas cards your family has received and pray for JOY for each family in the coming year.

SING: Joy to the World or Hark the Herald Angels Sing


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