the scary face

the scary face

Note: This post first appeared on my personal blog May 2007.


A conversation between Darin and myself last night after I settled onto the couch:

Darin: How was work today? How was your staff meeting?

Me: Work was good. Staff meeting was pretty good. I kinda threw a bit of a temper tantrum though.

Darin: Oh yeah? Why?

Deanna: Well, Pastor Mike threw this huge project at us (involving collecting all the worship songs we sing from April-September) and with everything else on my to-do list before maternity leave I kinda freaked out about adding one more project.

Darin: Wow. Did you show everyone the scary face? It doesn’t come out very often, but it is pretty scary when it does.

Deanna: Probably. I really was throwing a temper tantrum. At one point I believe the words “You’ve got to be kidding me” came out of my mouth.

Darin: Yeah, that’s the scary face’s favorite phrase.

One thought on “the scary face

  1. 13 years Deanna has put up with observations like this. She is a patient woman. Also a pretty incredible one. I’m thankful to not have seen the scary face too often.

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