Second Sunday of Advent – LOVE

Second Sunday of Advent – LOVE


REVIEW:  What was last week’s candle? What are some of the advent symbols? What does light represent? What does “advent” mean?

(This week light two purple candles. The “HOPE” candle from last week and a new purple candle.)

LIGHT THE CANDLES AND ASK: How do you show love to someone? How do you know if someone loves you?

SAY: God sent Jesus to earth so that we would know how much he loves us. That’s what the Bible says in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son…” But how did this Jesus get here?

READ or WATCH: He’s Here” from The Jesus Storybook Bible (The Nativity, from Luke 1-2, ending with Jesus’ birth)

ASK How did Mary and Joseph show love to each other in this story? How did they show love to Jesus?

ACTIVITY: Wrap a small box (like a shoe box) and cut a slit in the top. Leave out pieces of paper and pencils nearby. Talk about how you can show love to Jesus at Christmas by showing love to others. Encourage your family to “fill” the box with love, by writing or drawing when you do so and putting it in the box. (Open the box on Christmas eve as a gift to the baby Jesus.)

SING: Away in a Manger or Silent Night


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