doing hard things

doing hard things

Some time ago my dear husband declared our family motto to be “Do Hard Things.” It wasn’t like he stood up and proclaimed it one day over us, it was a slow and steady build as we followed God into hard things. And as we realized this is the right attitude to have as a family: saying yes to hard things, perseverance, persistence, and clinging tightly to the knowledge that God is walking before us and with us into hard things.

So yeah, last week I followed our family motto a whole bunch of times. Wanna celebrate with me all the hard things I did?

do hard things

1. First off, I’m posting this picture I took with no makeup, messy hair, and wearing workout clothes to make it look like I was maybe going to work our (or already had) even though I was going to spend the whole day studying. But I wanted to show you our cool sign that hangs in our laundry room to remind us every day — we can do hard things. Even posting unfiltered pictures of ourselves in order to bring even more authenticity to this blog.

2. Last week I went to the dentist for my first cleaning in over six years. I have a genuine anxiety about the dentist and have a mild freak-out if I hear a noise even similar to that of that polisher tool they use. (Ugh, I’m getting a little worked up just writing about it). This wasn’t a problem when we didn’t have dental insurance. I just took my teeth care very seriously and through a process of rewarding myself for daily flossing, became an avid flosser.

But we’ve had dental insurance for a while now and Darin has been bugging me for months to make an appointment. Finally he gave up and at his last cleaning just talked to the dentist about my anxiety (see, I’m so anxious I can’t even talk to them about my anxiousness) and they made me an appointment and assured him I wasn’t the only one.

So yeah, I did this hard thing last week. But our motto doesn’t say “Do Hard Things all by yourself,” so I had me some help. I sat in that chair, breathed a little gas and listned to some Ellie Holcomb in my earbuds, while I let that sweet hygienist clean my teeth. And guess what? Apparently my anxiety-induced cleaning regimen has paid off! Everyone who looked at my teeth had something along the lines of “you’ve got great teeth” to say. So take that dental anxiety! I don’t have to face you again for another 12 months.

3. We have the sweetest consignment store in our town and each season I’m there attempting to sell a few things. Now I’m for-sure a discount shopper and my kids are regularly dressed in clearance and second-hand items. But if they are in good condition and somehow have life left, I’ll clean them up, lay them nicely in my laundry basket, and schlep them to the store, hoping to exchange them for store credit that will keep my children adorably clothed.

But then I have to wait for them to sort my things one by one and decide if they are worthy of resale. You guys, this kind of rejection is hard. I know they aren’t rejecting me, but still. I have sorted, cleaned, pressed, checked for stains, and brought my very best things with the very best labels. And as the reject pile grows, a little part of me dies inside. (Is that dramatic? Anyone else feel this way?)


I am just a mom, standing in front of a consignment store employee, asking her to sell my things.

While I’m getting better at knowing what they want, this week I took a basket and braved the consignment store rejection. It was hard.


4. Yeah, I know I’m in graduate school (George Fox Evangelical Seminary) but holy cow – my reading this week was HARD. Like 5 minutes a paragraph hard. Good stuff. Great discussions with my classmates as we tried to get at what she was saying. But yeah, hard. So I’m putting it on my list and patting myself on the back.

5. Speaking of seminary, this week I had a paper due at midnight on Friday. I also told Darin he could go to a friend’s BBQ and leave me in charge of the care and feeding and putting-to-bedding of the children. What was I thinking? Luckily, I have a couple of awesome kids, I was able to get a bunch done during the day, and a handy motto to keep me going. Here’s to hoping next time I put big assignments on the calendar and then actually look at said calendar before I agree to such madness as husbands being gone on paper-due dates.


6. I took my girls to reading night at their school all by myself, which in general is not a hard thing since I have great girls who really love reading and listening to stories. But then there was this: I watched from across the room as an unnamed daughter* spilled her juice on a bench (yikes, but it could be worse), get napkins to clean it up (yes! my kid is responsible), and then squeeze out the napkin into the cup (uh-oh, this isn’t going to end well) and proceed to drink it up. (WHA?!!?!!) And you guys, I did not lose my brains. I took a deep breath and refrained from screaming across the library “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Go me, that was hard!

Instead of yelling, I caught her eye and gave her the mom glare and the head shake. (This is a powerful tool in any mom toolkit and should be taught with all seriousness during childbirth classes.)

“Why not?” she asked me in her library voice.

“People sit on that bench” I explained, trying to keep my cool and praying a hedge of protection against whatever germs she had just ingested.

“But not naked, mom!”

Oh dear.


*Trying to protect her from future embarrassment when she discovers her mom told these stories to the world wide webs. Instead I’ll keep stories like this anonymous and in the future they can argue about which child did which embarrassing thing.


So that’s a list of hard things I did last week. That was kind of a lot. I think I’ll take this week off.


What about you? What hard things have you done lately? Share some with me, will ya?


7 thoughts on “doing hard things

  1. Love this!

    Hard things this week (not so many), but…

    Went to a BBQ with one family we’ve just started to get to know, and two families I hadn’t met before. Not a BIG deal, but the other three families have all been friends for quite awhile and we’re the “noobs”.

    Went to a walking/running fitness class this morning for the first time. What a great, friendly group! Very encouraging for someone who looks like a walrus-out-of-water when she tries to run!

    1. Those are great and would have been especially hard for this introvert. And I know what you mean about running. Way to go!

    1. That comment is much better than mine! I just told her people sit on the floor where others have walked and also sit on the bench. But the fart thing is brilliant.

  2. Wonderful post! (I started a new job this week and needed to give myself a lot mental pep talks, so I definitely relate.) Also, the “but not naked, Mom” line killed me.

  3. OMG, this made me laugh so hard. Honestly, I could picture either of your daughters doing this because Daisy is so logical (but not naked, mom!) and Dani is so whimsical, so anonymity is protected.

    As someone who now does consignment, it’s not easy sitting on our side of the counter, either! Sometimes I have to reject very nice things because they don’t fit our clientele or we already have a lot of similar items, or we’re out of space and overstocked at the moment, or other reasons that have nothing to do with whether we like it or not. And I know it will hurt people’s feelings. Good on you for doing it anyway.

    My hard thing lately has been opening a store. It’s so hard! Don’t do it.

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